About Us

Feroun Rose company for private jets, conferences and exhibitions. We are a leading company located in Amman, Jordan, experienced in chartering aircrafts, organizing, holding conferences and exhibitions from A to Z , in Jordan and abroad at any country you wish. We have a unique collection of V.I.P aircrafts that suits all your travel needs, weather your trip was for business or leisure. We guarantee you our best services and secrecy, so you could enjoy you trip with us till the last second.

At Feroun Rose, our mission is to better serve you. Feroun Rose offers unprecedented customer service and competitive pricing on a remarkable selection of aircraft. Through our extensive network of partners, we accommodate your needs and desires to go anywhere on almost any aircraft. From turbo props to Boeing Business Jets, we go to great lengths to ensure you flawless, comfortable, and luxurious travel.

With us chartering private jets has never been so easy. As the owners of the largest Jordanian fleet of Jets, we provide the expertise and attention to detail to ensure that you receive the finest service, on the most luxurious aircraft, at very competitive prices. In addition, through our preferred network of owners and operators worldwide, we have direct access to large number of aircrafts, ranging from small piston planes through to large airliners, ensuring that we can always offer the right type of aircraft to suit your individual requirements. No more long queues at airports, no more security worries.

A private jet for just you and your guests. You fly from your chosen airport to your chosen destination at a time that suits you! You depart from a beautiful private lounge away from all the hustle and bustle, where you can be sipping champagne waiting to board one of our luxury private jets.

sky with no limit